Machinist Custom Choices Worksite Benefits Program

In 1996, the railroad district of the IAMAW approached the International with what they felt was a gap in coverage between the benefits provided by the company through the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the cost being borne by the members. They requested that they be given an opportunity to explore supplemental insurance products that members could purchase on an individual basis to fill this gap. This led to the forming of the Machinist Custom Choices Worksite Benefits program. Initially, the program was successfully offered to Machinists in 264 railroad locals throughout the country. From that positive experience the International, at its 2000 Grand Lodge Convention, unanimously endorsed the program and supported its offering throughout the IAMAW.    

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Employee Benefit Systems is based in Houston, Texas. This location houses our management team as well as our administration and customer service staffs. Our Site Coordinators and enrollment counselors are located strategically throughout the country to provide ready access to policyholders and the IAMAW Districts and Lodges that we service. To access a directory of the EBS staff, please click here.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Machinist Custom Choice program?

The Machinist Custom Choices program began in 1997 and was designed to provide more financial security for IAMAW members and their families through a series of individual insurance products offered at the worksite through payroll deduction. The products developed have benefits and features not normally available to an individual and were negotiated based on the national size of the IAMAW membership.

2.  Is the Machinist Custom Choices program available to all IAMAW members?

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Benefits Summary

The Machinist Custom Choices Worksite Benefits program has offered IAM Represented employees additional financial security since 1997. Benefits offered include: Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Disability Income, Accident, and Cancer Insurance.  To read more, click here.

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